what people are saying about us

After the therapy, I feel very relieved, lighted body; no more body pain and headache or back ache. I walk with confidence and I was able to sleep very well that I did not know the day has broken. I thank God for this opportunity to save life.


Deputy Director (SEC) Abuja.

Before I started this therapy, it has been pains and pains every now and then. But after the second day of treatment, I really felt great. Last night, I slept like a baby naturally for the first time after many years (close to 2 severe years of pain). I am 57 years old, I really wish I had known this therapy since I became 50 (fifty).However, I attribute all the success to God and His servant doctor who is in charge here. I am indeed grateful to Dr. Felix for availing me (our church) this knowledge.


(Chief Technical Officer), Fed. Min. of Ind. Trade & Investment, Abuja

I work with Zenith Bank Plc. I use to have severe pain in my back; serious back pain that some time send me out of office for bed rest. A friend suggest massaging but I never gave a thought but from what I experienced today, I know that I have cheated my body for too long. Wonderful experience magic touch. I will surely come back.


Cash & Teller Unit, Zenith Bank Plc, Abuja

My names are Aro Michael Oluwaseun the Head of Sales and Marketing Zenith CarexInt’l Ltd. I use to have pains in my joints but after going through this therapy, I feel so relieved and I will encourage people to patronize and feel this wonderful experience.

Aro Michael O.

Zenith CarexInt’l Ltd, Abuja

By undergoing the therapy, I am really enjoying my body more than before. The stiffness on my neck, back pain and body aches have drastically reduced. In fact I’m rejuvenated and have returned to my former self i.e. free from constant pain and body aches.


FCT judiciary. Abuja

The experience of the therapy was worthwhile. I never knew I had accumulated so much fatigue in my muscles, joints and my entire body until when I want through the therapy. It was painful however, I felt relaxed and slept soundly after long time when I have not been able to sleep well. It is better experienced and felt than imagined. I appreciate my elder sister for bringing me to encounter this body service professional touch. Mr. Felix, you are doing a good job and the lord will bless you richly as you touch the lives of people.


NDLEA PHC, Rivers state.

My coming here was really ordered by God to give me a relief for the pain I have carried along for years. After going through the body service on the first day, it was as if one heaviness was taken off me. I slept very beautifully that day and had lightness is my legs which had been hitherto quite painful at night.I am a retired civil servant who worked with TRCN Wuse II, Abuja.


I cannot thank Josephine enough for introducing me to this programme. I could not write yesterday. Now I am writing. I could not turn my neck; now it is turning right and left. I could not close my right hand, now you can guess what happened. This is a total miracle. Knowledge is power and I must spread the word around, and take full advantage of what I have found. I could have easily missed coming as my car broke down earlier. I thank God who made the impossible possible for leading me here. I look forward to a good night’s sleep. Alleluia.


Abuja testi-pic

A very relaxing experience. The various joints of the body suddenly came alive again.Looking forward to a pain free body. Will definitely recommend this to others. Feeling sleepy already. Thanks.


Operations and IT, Unity Bank Plc

I came here feeling weak, tired and fatigued by the second day of my treatment, my headache stopped, I can sleep better and don’t feel sick again. No medication taken. On the third day, my appetite was restored. I give God the glory and will recommend people to Physiotherapist Felix. God bless you sir.


Newsroom, Radio Nigeria,, Abuja.

Very impressed!!! Never knew I could get better. Came here confused and devastated. Firstly, it was a painful experience going through the session but it got better and enjoyable when I felt a positive turnaround.

I thank God for what He is using Mr. Felix to do in the lives of people. May the good Lord enrich him with greater grace as he impacts on people positively, Amen and Amen.


The therapy was very refreshing. I came here with pains on the sole of my feet, but I now have relief from the pain, my whole body feels lighter. I sleep more soundly now. I will recommend the treatment to people around me.


Strongtower International, Nursery and Primary School, Abuja

I, Mrs. Ola Hargley is here to testify to the Glory of God that Pastor Felix is indeed God sent especially to us the elderly. I never knew that there is hope for the aged. After going through his physiotherapy sessions, I felt a new life within me.

I came in with heaviness, pain all over my body but by the time he was through with me, I felt like a 16 year old girl. Praise God.

Thank you so much Pastor Felix for creating this awareness. God will take you to a higher ground and enlarge your coast in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Ola , RCCG, Abuja

I really do feel great, relieved from all the pains I was having for a very long time. I do really appreciate God for giving me the opportunity to know Dr. Felix. Keep up with the good work sir. God bless you.


Tripple ICE Caterers, Abuja

I never realized that some parts of my body have become stiff until today. Some immovable! I never knew how stress has taken up areas around my neck and shoulders. But this first experience with the therapist gave me knowledge and relief, wonderful relief!!

I am very impressed! More so when I have known Felix for a long time without knowing the ‘ magic’ his hands can do. This is wonderful. More grease to your elbow. May God proper this great work in your hands in Jesus name.


Resurrection Glory House, Abuja