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Our vast knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and the biochemistry pattern of human body coupled with various experiences gathered over the years had catapulted professionals in Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic to a better pedestal where the injuries, health challenges, and various complaints of our patients and clients are easily understood and analyzed. This enables us to arrive at the right diagnosis which guarantees speedy and effective result that gladdens the hearts of our numerous clients/patients. This is why we are called EFFECTIVE PROFESSIONALS.

In order to provide fast access to our Health Professionals in ensuring that patients start his/her journey to quick recovery without delay, we are conveniently located within the heart of Abuja, FCT.

In addition to this, we rendered specialized home service to those who may be far or preferred to be seen at home due to special nature of their conditions.

  • To ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction of our clients/patients.
  • To ensure that right and informative diagnosis is made.
  • To ensure that the appropriate therapeutic procedures are followed which will guarantee effective and satisfactory result.
  • To raise fit, healthy and productive individuals, groups of persons, families, organizations, communities and nation.
  • To actualize No. 1 above, we shall provide friendly and comfortable treatment atmosphere for our clients/patients.
  • To actualize No. 2 above, well-detailed scientific assessments and consultations shall be carried out.
  • To actualize No. 3 above, constant upgrading of knowledge and all-round development of our professionals will be ensured.
  • To actualize No. 4, creating public awareness, education and effective training shall be our priority.

  • Elegant atmosphere.
  • Established integrity.
  • Electrifying empathy.
  • Elated professionals.
  • Explicit assessment.
  • Excellent diagnosis.
  • Effectual touch.
  • Exceptional result.