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Our vast knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and the biochemistry pattern of human body coupled with various experiences gathered over the years had catapulted professionals in Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic to a better pedestal where the injuries, health challenges, and various complaints of our patients and clients are easily understood and analyzed.

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Stress Management

Nigeria alongside other countries of the world is going through a time of stress that is hard to deal with and also hard to bear.

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Body Servicing Therapy 

This is a form of specialized treatment given to the body to enhance its ability to serve you better and longer.

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Fitness Training

The fitness of an individual can never be overlooked because of the primary role it plays in his/her day to day activities.

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Exclusive Elders’ Care

Many grown-ups don’t go extra-mile to carter for their elderly ones, leaving them to languish in poor health. We Care!

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Physiotherapeuctic Intervention 

We also attend to medical and Pre or post-surgical cases of different categories with amazing results.

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Home Care Physiotherapy

physiotherapy in providing rehabilitation expertise into the provision of Home Care for older people.

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We are good at what we do!

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Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic Abuja


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After the therapy, I feel very relieved, lighted body; no more body pain and headache or back ache. I walk with confidence and I was able to sleep very well that I did not know the day has broken. I thank God for this opportunity to save life.

A very relaxing experience. The various joints of the body suddenly came alive again.Looking forward to a pain free body. Will definitely recommend this to others. Feeling sleepy already. Thanks

By undergoing the therapy, I am really enjoying my body more than before. The stiffness on my neck, back pain and body aches have drastically reduced. In fact I’m rejuvenated and have returned to my former self i.e. free from constant pain and body aches.


Q: Who should opt for Physiotherapy Services?

Physiotherapy helps in pain relief for people suffering from cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, paralysis, numbness in limbs, knee or back pain, muscular or tissue injury and post-operative rehabilitation.

Q: In what chronic conditions is Physiotherapy helpful?

Depending upon the severity of the problem, physiotherapy is administered for cervical spondylosis, pulmonary or other chronic lung diseases, paralysis, arthritis, sports injuries etc.

Q: What is the ideal duration for which a physiotherapy treatment continues?

The duration of any physiotherapy treatment varies from patient to patient. It depends upon the severity of the problem and body’s response to the therapy being administered. In case of a sports injury, the treatment can go on for four-six months or even more whereas a regular back pain may range between three to four months to heal.

Q: How does Physiotherapy help patients suffering from paralysis?

Physiotherapy helps in restoring the sensation in the limbs affected by paralysis. Although this treatment takes time but manual therapy supported by advanced equipment promotes quicker recovery from paralysis.

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