Dangers Of Sedentary Lifestyle

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Dangers Of Sedentary Lifestyle : Sedentary lifestyle, refers to the state of not being physically active for a prolonged period of time. This portends a negative effect on the physical and mental wellness of many people today who do not value the benefits of an active life.

What Characterizes a Sedentary Life?

The following features and attitudes are identifiable with people who live a sedentary life.

  1. Spending too much time the TV, playing video games and staying glued to the computer for long hours
  2. Always preferring to drive or to use public means of transport in reaching non-distant destinations instead of walking or cycling.
  3. Choosing to use elevators and escalators to ascend the upper floors of storey buildings rather than the stair cases.
  4. Spending lots of time sitting at home, school, work or other public places
  5. Not having interest in participating in home chores, hobbies or other physical activities that require moving the body.
  6. Absence of exercises or sporting activities
  7. Overdependence on technology in carrying out daily functions, for example, making phone call instead of visiting a friend; requesting for a meal online instead of cooking.

The Negative Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

By not getting required and regular physical activities for your body, you risk the following health effects.

  1. Neck and lower back pain, shoulder spurs or impingement syndrome as well as disc degeneration.
  2. Tight muscles and stiffness which could be frustratingly painful leading to restricted movement, stress, strain and tension.
  3. Weakness of the musculoskeletal system which implies fatigue and body weakness.
  4. Cardiovascular diseases. This affects ability to endure, metabolism and pressure.
  5. Obesity. The process of fat break down in the body reduces, leading accumulation of excess fat.
  6. Psychological effects such as depression, anxiety and compromised mental wellbeing.
  7. Modified digestion. Being in a relaxed position immediately after eating, for example, can shrink the abdominal cavity, slow digestion leading to heart burn or constipation.
  8. The risk of developing lung, uterine or colon cancer increases in great proportions
  9. Type 2 diabetes may arise from being sedentary. Increase in insulin reduces the activities of enzymes.
  10. It’s one of the leading causes of morbidity

How To Prevent Being Sedentary and Develop an Active & Healthy Lifestyle

Among the preventive measures recommended by WHO are “moderate physical activity for up to 30 minutes every day, tobacco cessation, and healthy nutrition”. In addition, If you are used to being sedentary and have already realized the need for a change for better health and fitness, it may not come easy. With determination, discipline, patience and consistence, follow these tips and you would have the desired result.

  • At home, rather than watching the TV, be more actively engaged in house chores and activities such as mopping, laundry or gardening. Take a walk to visit a close-by neighbor in place of phone call.
  • At work, stand or walk around while making phone calls and during short meetings. Go for lunch hour walk.
  • At public places, walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator, trek or cycle to work and other places, get out of public transports early.
  • Avoid lying down as much as possible without being tired.
  • Do sports and engage in regular keep-fit exercises.

And very importantly, go for medical checkup regularly. If you experience some of the symptoms of effects of sedentary living mentioned earlier, the services of a Physiotherapist would be helpful.

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