Physiotherapy in Flexibility Restoration

Physiotherapy in Flexibility Restoration :Having a good range of motion and flexibility in your joints is essential for ease of movement which can reduce pain and inflammation in the joints.  we all know that being more sedentary causes joints and muscles to become stiff and not as flexible consequently this reduces overall range of motion and can make regular activity more strenuous.  In other words, whether you are recovering from an injury or do not have a regular exercise routine it is important to maintain your range of motion and flexibility. Here are three ways physical therapy can help improve flexibility and range of motion.


Stretching muscles can improve your flexibility.  There are benefits of going to a physical therapist for direction on stretching.  They should be able to assign specific stretches based on your specific muscles and joints that are of concern.   Stretching is a great way to increase blood flow and get more oxygen to the muscles and tissues. Over time, consistent stretching can help relax and strengthen your muscles to improve your flexibility and range of motion.

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Restoration of Flexibility


Adopting a regular exercise routine will help increase your range of motion.  Your physical therapists should have a specific set of exercises designed to help increase your range of motion depending on the joint and your current situation.  Range of motion is determined by how far you can move a joint in all different directions. By working on specific exercises that increase flexibility and build strength, you should be able to increase your range of motion.  

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