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The Stress Management Clinic In Abuja is a sub clinic under Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic. We are located in a serene environment. Lots of people are going through stress on daily basis. Stress is caused by stressors. Stress is anything that places a greater pressure that is higher than routine demand on the body thereby evoking a stress reaction.


Physical Stressors

These include lack of sleep, over working, excessive exercise. As good as exercise is, it can also be abused without the right professional advice. Moreover, physical injury, trauma such as road traffic accident (RTA), surgery, infections, physical disease, chronic pain etc. are also part of physical stressors.

In addition, not all conditions or environments produce physical stress to the same degree in each person. For instance, staircase climbing may not produce physical stress for one person, yet produces significant stress for another. It all depends on their fitness status.

A check at the lift section of an organization reveals an enormous crowd waiting for the lift whereas the staircase received low patronage. This goes a long way to show the low fitness level of our people. Little wonder many of them break down easily when they are exposed to little stress.

At our Stress Management Clinic In Abuja, accumulated physical stressors can be knocked out.

Emotional and Mental Stressors (intrinsic)

These are the most frequent and important stressors affecting humans. Some people refer to these as ‘psychosocial” stressors.

Various emotions like anger, hostility depression, worries, anxiety and fear can cause chronic emotional stress. Mental stress often arises from a feeling of being overwhelmed, losing control, or feeling trapped with no way out. Perfectionists are culprits. “Mr. Mind” is another great player in this arena.

In other words, any condition or circumstance can become stressful if you think it is. Hence people who suffer from depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, fear and guilt have habitual distortional thought patterns, a product of “Mr. Mind” leading to stress producing mentality.

Too many commitments, family fights, pressing deadlines, paying bills, financial matters, divorce, death of a family member, poverty, unhappiness at workplace etc. can result in mental and emotional stress.

How do we know?

Because a team of doctors at the University of London after a long-term study showed that chronic unmanaged stress of the emotional and mental variety was six times more predictive of cancer and heart disease than cigarette smoking, high cholesterol levels and elevated blood pressure.

But they pointed out the fact that it is much easier to intervene at the stress stage than to intervene in the cancer and heart disease stage.


So the best stage to break the backbone of stress is at the preventive stage. because prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. This is a timeless truth. So come to Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic to learn how to prevent, treat and avoid negative stress.

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