TREATMENT OF CONCUSSION: Concussion also referred to as Mild traumatic brain injury is a condition that affects the brain’s ability to concentrate, balance, coordinate and recall memory. It usually causes severe headache for its sufferers. It arises as a result of serious blow to the head.

Causes of Concussion

The following are identified causes of concussion

  1. A blow to the head
  2. Vehemently shaking the head
  3. Fall from a height
  4. This ailment could also be cause during contact sports such as soccer, wrestling and rugby
  5. A car crash

Concussion is a type of brain injury that may result in bleeding in or around your brain, leading to symptoms such as prolonged drowsiness and confusion. These symptoms may develop straightaway or later.

Symptoms of Concussion

  1. Obvious signs and symptoms of a concussion may include:
  2. Loss of consciousness (this is less frequent)
  3. Headache and buzzing in the ears
  4. Nausea and Vomiting
  5. Fatigue or sleepiness
  6. Blurred eye sight and Slurred speech
  7. The state of confusion or feeling as if in a fog
  8. Loss of memory about the traumatic event
  9. Dizziness and dazed appearance
  10. Late response to questions
  11. Loss of balance and unstable movement
  12. Forgetfulness, reflected by repeating the same question
  13. Sensitivity to light and noise
  14. Sleeping disorder and depression
  15. Maladies of taste and smell

Some of these symptoms are also displayed by children. If your child doesn’t have signs of a serious head injury, remains active, walks normally and answers you well, the condition is likely mild and ordinarily doesn’t need medical examination. But if bothersome symptoms appear, seek urgent care.

Risk Factors for Concussion

The following occurrences may predispose one to having concussion, and should be avoided.

  • Falling, especially in young children and older adults
  • Participating in a high-risk sport, such as football, hockey, soccer, rugby, boxing or other contact sport
  • Participating in sports without proper safety precaution and supervision
  • Involvement in a motor vehicle collision
  • Involvement in a pedestrian or bicycle accident
  • Being a combatant soldier
  • Being a victim of physical abuse


In order to prevent or minimize your risk of head injury and forestall having concussion, the following tips may help you:

  1. Buckling your seat belt while driving
  2. Putting on appropriate protective gear during sporting and other recreational activities
  3. Ensuring safety at home – well-lit and free of anything that leads to a fall
  4. Regularly do exercise
  5. You can also start educating others about concussion

Treatment of Concussion

Many people recover within a short time, but treatment is essential if the symptoms of the condition persist.

In the meantime, physical and mental rest and the use of pain relief medication help your brain heal and recover speedily.

Physiotherapeutic intervention is also effective in managing the condition. This involves methods of rehabilitating cognitive and other functions of the brain.

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