How to Avoid Back Pain in Young People

How to Avoid Back Pain in Young People: Early back pain can persist throughout life It is a common misconception that back problems are common to middle-aged and elderly people. It comes as a surprise to realize how common back problems are in children and adolescents. Generally it may interfere with school work, sport and leisure activities.

In most cases investigations show little more than minor wear-and-tear changes, but in a small proportion there may be more significant problems, such as slipped disc, ankylosing spondylitis (inflammatory form of arthritis) or other complaints as described in adults.

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Importance of posture and exercise In Avoiding Back Pain in Young People

Firstly, poor posture and lack of physical fitness are important but in many young people emotional factors and psychological stress play important roles. Back problems often run in families but whether this is the result of some inherited predisposition, physical factors in family life or emotional responses is commonly difficult to elucidate.

Secondly, changes in school life seem to have contributed towards the back problem. Children are now taller than they were a century ago, and yet the average school furniture has remained the same. Hours spent slouching over a desk will aggravate back complaints. Therefore, it is important that children do not spend prolonged periods at the desk but get up and walk about and exercise frequently, although for many this does not happen

As children are of different sizes we need to adjust their desk and chair for height. Ideally the child should be positioned with the back upright, preserving the natural hollow in the low back. The chair seat should slope slightly forward to allow the lumbar spine to curve back slightly. A wedge to tilt the lower body forward slightly may help. The desk should also have a slight slope to make writing easier in the upright position. A poor sitting posture will exacerbate back problems.

Physiotherapist’s Advice On Back problems in children and bags

Back problems are far more common in children than is commonly appreciated. Children often carry heavy bags in one hand or over one shoulder, which can put great stress on the spine. Children should avoid putting heavy bags on their backs. They should visit a physiotherapy clinic for back check ups often.

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