Physiotherapy is crucial after fracture surgery for several reasons:

1. Promotesa healing and recovery : Gentle exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist can help improve blood flow to the injured area, which aids in bone healing and reduces swelling. This can hasten the overall recovery time and get you back to your normal activities sooner.

2. Regain range of motion and flexibility : Immobilization, such as casts or braces, used to stabilize the fracture can lead to stiffness and loss of movement in the surrounding joints. Physiotherapy helps you regain your original range of motion and flexibility through targeted exercises and stretches.

3. Additionally, it strengthen muscles : Muscles around the fracture site can weaken due to disuse during the healing process. Physiotherapy includes strengthening exercises to rebuild muscle strength and support, improving stability and preventing future injuries.

Physiotherapy session After Surgery.


4. Moeover it reduces pain and manages swelling : Physiotherapy techniques like massage, ice therapy, and electrical stimulation can effectively manage pain and swelling associated with the fracture and surgery. This can improve your comfort and well-being throughout the recovery process.

5. Prevent complications : Blood clots, delayed bone healing, and joint contractures are potential complications after fracture surgery. Physiotherapy helps minimize these risks by promoting good circulation, bone healing, and joint mobility.

6.In addition it Improves balance and coordination: Most times, especially for lower limb fractures, regaining balance and coordination is essential for safe walking and preventing falls. Physiotherapy includes exercises that challenge your balance and coordination, helping you regain your confidence and mobility.

7. Definitely, it helps you return to daily activities and sports : Physiotherapists design a personalized program to help you gradually return to your desired activities, whether it’s daily tasks, work, or even sports participation. They provide guidance and support to ensure a safe and successful transition back to your normal life.

In conclusion, overall, physiotherapy plays a vital role in optimizing the outcome of fracture surgery. By promoting healing, restoring function, and managing pain, it can significantly improve your recovery journey and get you back to living your life to the fullest.

Remember, it’s always best to consult with your doctor and a qualified physiotherapist to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific fracture and surgery.

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