IN-PATIENT REHABILITATION AT EFFECTIVE PHSIOTHERAPY ; We operate through these three major avenues;

In house Patient, Physiothereapy for strokes
  1. In-patient Rehabilitation
  2. Out-patient Rehabilitation
  3. Home Rehabilitation (Home Service)

Let me expatiate on the In-patient rehabilitation.


Purposes for In-patient Services:

Firstly, this unit was carved out because of the stress most of our clients go through in the course of coming for their therapy and going back.

Secondly, for close monitoring and well-spread out therapeutic procedures giving 24 hours, 7 days a week by our amiable healthcare professionals ensuring a rapid result

Thirdly, For wider range of our services. It opens up the client to enjoy more facilities, more counselling sessions and more robust interactions with our healthcare professionals.

  • Professionals Available

Our in-patient service provides credible team of professionals for speedy recovery of patients as well as re-orientating, re-conditioning and re-integrating them back to their homes and places of work.

They include:

  1. Physiotherapist
  2. Nurse
  3. Psychologist
  4. Occupational therapist
  5. Medical Doctor
  • Parade of Health Conditions Catered for

In order to make it precise and simple, we will start by enumerating the categories;

  1. Neurological cases
  2. Orthopaedic cases
  3. Paediatric cases
  4. Geriatric cases (the elderly ones)
  5. Spinal cord injury
  6. Post-traumatic cases
  7. Pre or post-surgical cases
  8. Post-immobilizatons

Having mentioned this broader categories, for the sake of individuals that desire specificity, we attend to conditions like:

  • Severe migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Severe arthritis
  • Severe neck and back pain
  • Paralysis of different dimensions & origin
  • General body pain
  • Fatigue
  • Heaviness of the chest
  • Stiffness of joint because of trauma or post-surgical
  • Strange sensations in legs etc.
  • Period of Operation

Since the convenience and the wellness of our patients are of top priority to us, we work round the clock to ensure this becomes a reality.

Hence, our door is open 24/7 to receive and cater for the optimal recovery of all our patients.

  • Pleasant & Friendly Environment Plus Up-to-date Gadgets

A lovely environment goes a long way towards the speedy recovery of any patient, hence, we provide not just a cosy outlook but a godly atmosphere impacting positively on both their physical and spiritual being.

Our facilities and gadgets are top-notch , ample space for mobility, well-equipped gym, all geared towards a meaningful and fruitful adventure with us, ensuring a qualitative healthcare delivery.

  • Premises Location

Our in-patient service is situated in a serene and rehabilitative-friendly environment of Kado Estate, close to Jabi Lake, Abuja, FCT. Moreover we can send you the google map to help you locate us with ease or you can call 0803 436 5055 for vivid description of the location.

  • Pretty Price Rate

Above all, our price is structured in such a way to encourage every patient that will need an in-patient service to easily subscribe to it. Certainly, It’s friendly and equally flexible. For further enquiries, please call any of the phone lines below for speedy attention.

  1. 0803 436 5055
  2. 0811 885 6060
  • Proficient Elders’ Care

In Effective Physiotherapy, we don’t joke with the Elders’ care, that is to say, we make it a top priority because we know that your parents deserve the best of care having equally showered you with much love and attention in your childhood.

Certainly, we are trained to enter into their world in order to get or bring forth their best version even at old age. consequently , don’t leave them in the village any more or wait to give them a befitting burial, instead bring them to us for a heaven-on-earth experience at old age, which will provoke unfathomable pronouncement of generational blessings over your life and family forever. In conclusion, hurry up, we can’t just wait any more to have them with us and you will be glad indeed with the outcome.

Visit us at today at Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic at this address No 2 D Close, Ajumgobia Street, Kado Estate, Abuja or call +234 811 885 6060,

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