My name is Dr. Babawemimo Felix, Managing Director of Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic Abuja. I am a Physiotherapist and Fitness Specialist with several years of experience. So, I have the privilege by God’s grace to EFFECTIVELY treat longstanding cases of body pains.

Certainly, if you are looking for one of the best physiotherapists who can give you qualitative, affordable and effective Physio-therapeutic care in Abuja, you are on the right track and you are welcome!

To start with, a physiotherapist is a health care professional. They help you achieve and maintain optimum range of motion. Likewise, they assist you by enhancing your physical ability especially after a period of illness, injury or as a result of the need to improve on your state of wellness and fitness.

What Are The Cases I Treat?

Certainly, I treat general body pains. For instance, neck pains, back pains etc. Similarly, knee injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, arthritis, general joint pains and stiffness among others. Such several cases of pains are being successfully treated with outstanding results to show.  In addition, lots of stressful conditions which can lead to insomnia, are being treated on daily basis.

Moreover, lack of concentration and muscle tension could also be effectively managed. Above all, we have a conducive environment, well equipped with the right gadgets, friendly and efficient staff.


Physiotherapy Clinic in Abuja, Nigeria
stroke, arthritis. low back pain. upper back pain

Stroke and paralysis cases are being attended to with full recovery of the patients with no traces of initial symptoms most especially fresh cases.


You will benefit tremendously from our new concept called “BODY SERVICING THERAPY”  because it helps people to maintain and improve their health. Most importantly, the procedure ensures restoration of health and fitness where and when necessary. A trial will convince you.


Most times, Clients who have successfully undergone treatment with us have a lot of success stories to tell. Please visit:

Our head office is at No 2 D Ajumgobia, Close, Opposite Con Oil Filling Station, Kado Estate, Abuja.

Call 0811 885 6060 / 0803 436 5055 or send a mail to:

In conclusion, eliminate those body pains today and be free again.

Above all, Are you Thinking Physiotherapy ? Think Effective Physiotherapy Clinic!

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