Types of Physiotherapies

Physiotherapy is the treatment for restoring and maintaining patient’s mobility, function and well-being. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention and health and fitness. 

Physiotherapists get you involved in your own recovery.


Physiotherapeutic treatments come in different forms. However, each one addresses particular situations and applies different methods.

Important major types of Physiotherapies you should know are:

  1. Orthopedics
  2. Geriatrics
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Sports Therapy
  5. Neurological
  6. Vestibular Rehabilitation
  7. Cardiovascular / Pulmonary Physical Therapy

The type of Physiotherapist to consult will depends on the condition you want to attend to.

  • Firstly, Orthopedics

An orthopedic Physiotherapist helps with issues relating to neck pain, back pain, fractures, muscle strains and pains. They treat conditions relating to our bones and muscles (musculoskeletal disorders)which usually affect motion range and flexibility. Treatment includes exercise, massage among others.

  • Secondly, Geriatrics

This is the area of Physiotherapy that deals with treatment of old people. Personalized programs are developed by geriatricians to relieve pains., restore mobility and make routines easier in the aged ones.

  • Thirdly, Pediatrics

Pediatrics are concerned with children. Skilled Physiotherapists help to diagnose, treat as well as prevent disorders that affect children and teens. Example of conditions , Birth Defects, Spina Bifida etc.

  • Fourthly, Sports Physical Therapy

A good Physiotherapist helps athletes recover faster from training related injuries. They help boost their performance, preventive aids and speed up healing process through mobility aids.

  • Fifthly, Neurological

They treat people with movement disorders. Such disorders arises from injury or disease of the brain, spinal cord and other extremities of the body. Examples of Neurological conditions include Stroke, CVA or TIA, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and others. This form of rehabilitation aims at reducing symptoms. It improves the quality of life and maximizes the potentials of patients.

  • Sixthly, Vestibular Rehabilitation

The inner ear is a vital organ in ensuring your balance. This area of Physical Therapy focuses on helping you overcome challenges with your inner ear. These include dizziness and vertigo. With the treatment, your body will have a better balance and a well-built muscle.

  • Seventhly, Cardiovascular / Pulmonary Physical Therapy

If you have a problem with your heart (including a heart attack, pulmonary fibrosis etc.) or circulation of blood, physiotherapy can help with cure.

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