Fitness Fortification Outreach

Fitness Fortification Outreach

Fitness Fortification Outreach is a faith based workout organized by Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic . It is fitness fees free. We see it as a way of giving good gift of health to the society . It is target at meeting the holistic fitness needs of all participants ranging from spiritual to Emotional to physical to medical.

Many today are living short of God’s expectation and desire of sound health for their lives simply because they lack the basic knowledge they need to keep fit while others do not apply the basic knowledge they have acquired about keeping fit.
Fitness Fortification Outreach is put in place to bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and knowledge application.
Note that applied knowledge is better and more productive than head knowledge.

If you desire to improve your fitness level holistically, do not miss any of the episodes of this outreach specially packaged for you.

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