HOW TO TREAT BACK PAIN AT HOME : As we already know, back pain is a very common problem in which a lot of people will experience at some point in their life and which reduces the quality of life of those living with it.

However, there are some measures you can take to alleviate this pain yourself at home. 

Here are some ways you can manage pain at home to get relief.

  1. Use a comfortable and firm mattress for lying down and sleeping
  2. Use an ice pack wrapped in a towel for about 20 minutes to relieve pain and swelling.
  3. Use a hot pack or hot water bottle wrapped in a towel for about 20 minutes on the to relieve muscle tension and pain.
  4. Maintain a posture that keeps the spine in a neutral position when carrying out activities.
  5. Avoid staying in a position or posture (like sitting or standing) for prolong period.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight so as not put a lot of pressure on the spine.
  7. Maintain a healthy behaviour and lifestyle by not being sedentary and quitting smoking.
  8. Exercising to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Here are three (3) simple exercises to you can do help alleviate your back pain

Bridging: You lie flat on your back with both knees bent. Tighten your abdominal muscles then raise your hips off the floor to align with your knees and shoulders.

Hold for 3 counts then lower your hips back to the floor. Repeat this 3-5 times.

To be done 3 times daily.

Knee-to-chest: Lie on your back, then gently pull one of knees towards your chest using your hands.

Hold for 5 counts then switch legs and pull your other knee towards your chest for another 5 counts. Repeat 3-5 times with each leg.

To be done 3 times daily.

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Back extension: Lie on your Stomach and then prop yourself up on your forearms.

Hold for a 5 counts then lower your upper body. Repeat this 3-5 times.

To be done 3 times daily.

If you experience increased pain while doing these exercises, stop immediately.

If after following these measures and you get no relieve, you can call or visit us:

Effective Physiotherapy Clinic
Address: No. 2 Ajumgobia Close, Kado Estate, Abuja.

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