Tips For Relieving Back Pain

Tips For Relieving Back Pain

Tips For Relieving Back Pain: Back pain can be debilitating. In addition, it is a major cause of discomfort, disability and reduced quality of life. The major causes of back pain are trauma as well as repetitive stress in the course of carrying out our daily activities.

Here are 6 tips to help manage your back pain:

In conclusion, if you have tried these above methods and other remedies but the pain is not resolved Effective physiotherapy will give you a perfect solution.

  1. Application of Hot/cold packs: This helps in relieving pain. Cold packs can be used to relieve inflammation and hot packs to relax tense muscles.
  2. Proper posture: Maintaining a proper posture in which the spine is erect in sitting and standing, and using proper techniques in carrying out activities. Ensure that you do not stay in a static position for too long.
  3. Maintaining a healthy weight: Being overweight puts a lot of stress on the back. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the pressure on the back thereby, relieving pain.
  4. Exercising: Exercise improves blood circulation around the body and stimulates the release of hormones which relieves pain. Most times, it helps in improving the strength and flexibility of the muscles.
  5. Deep breathing exercises: Deep breathing helps in relaxation and reduction of stress and pain.
  6. Healthy lifestyle: Maintaining of a healthy lifestyle like quitting smoking prevents the degeneration of the spine.

In our clinic, Effective physiotherapy involves the manual and technical manipulation of the back bones, muscles and joints to give a fast and complete relieve from pains in the back

For fast relieve from back Pain :

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