Management Of Pains: Pain is an irritation and discomfort to any part of the body where it is felt. It is a way your body tells you that something is wrong somewhere and in need of attention. Some pains may be mild and moderate while others are tense and terrible. Whatever the severity of the pain you feel, it is not an experience worth living with because of the unbearable consequences it has.

The following are specific areas people generally feel pain in the body

  1. The head
  2. The neck
  3. The shoulders
  4. The chest
  5. Wrist and fingers
  6. The back (upper and lower parts)
  7. Stomach
  8. Waist and hips
  9. The knees
  10. Ankles and toes
  11. Any joints
  12. Internal parts

These are what people experience from day to day and in need of solution in form of relief. Please note that some pains may be mild and you have the tendency to ignore them, but beware that the condition may degenerate. So all pains need required attention – from rest to seeking professional treatment. Self-medication and pain drugs aren’t the best cures.

All but one of the areas of pain (internal parts) listed above can be treated directly through Physical Therapy. It is interesting to know that the health of the physical body can have impact on the internal parts. Thus, a physically fit and healthy person translates to his or her wellness within and vice versa.

So, however and wherever you feel the pains, our Physical Therapists at Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic apply a mix of wellness techniques to knock all of them off you and present to yourself a brand new, fitter, more energetic and pain-free person.

We care about your total wellbeing.

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