Physiotherapy & Covid-19: As contact practitioners, physiotherapists are in a position to take responsibility for quick identification of diseases and managing workload in primary health care. It is therefore pertinent for them to know about the Coronavirus, how to prevent transmission and the understanding of workforce planning.

The use of professional decision to determine when, where and how to provide care is crucial. It’s good to have the knowledge of the relationship between Physiotherapy & Covid-19 and how to avoid its transmission.

To avoid transmission of Covid – 19, we recommend the following practices for Physiotherapists and staff.

During precautions, it should also be in mind that there are people in the community whose health would be severely impacted by interruption to care.

  1. Comply with basic protective rules always: perform hand hygiene by using alcohol-based sanitizers and wash hands when visibly dirty; avoid touching the eye, nose and mouth with your hands; cough of sneeze  in a bent elbow or tissue and dispose after use; use medical masks; practice social distancing.
  2. Place disease prevention and control       protocols as signage in and around the clinic.
  3. Promote hand and clinical hygiene by      ensuring regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces (e.g. door handles) and       equipment after attending to patients.
  4. Provide current information about the    virus to staff and patients
  5. Avoid unnecessary direct physical contact with infected patients.

Significantly, Physiotherapists are to properly provide health maintenance strategies in the activities, nutrition & lifestyle, sleep and mind of patients.


Therapy in the recovery phase is going to be the responsibility of physiotherapists in collaboration with a team including Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapist, Language Therapists, Dieticians and Psychologists.

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