Treatment Of Capsulitis ( Frozen Shoulders)

Treatment Of Capsulitis ( Frozen Shoulders): In all of our human activities, we accumulate pain through one means or the other. From our standing posture, sitting, walking, lifting things, and working in general. Every single pain we accumulate does not speak up immediately. Our body has a way of suppressing them until a certain time when it cannot take it anymore, the body yells, which is that sharp pain you feel in your back, waist, shoulder, upper back, etc.

Treatment Of Capsulitis ( Frozen Shoulders)

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Its signs and symptoms typically begin gradually, worsen over time and then resolve, usually within one to three years.

The body is designed to be mobile at all times. For one reason or the other, one might find it difficult to move the shoulder.  Moreover, some of the most common reasons for frozen shoulder could happen during recovery from a shoulder injury, broken arm, or a stroke. More so, people 40 and older, particularly women, are more likely to have frozen shoulders. People who have certain diseases appear more likely to develop frozen shoulder. Diseases that might increase risk include:

  • Diabetes
  • Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)
  • Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Tuberculosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

The bones, ligaments, and tendons that make up your shoulder joint are encased in a capsule of connective tissue. Frozen shoulder occurs when this capsule thickens and tightens around the shoulder joint, restricting its movement.

If you’ve had an injury that makes it difficult to move your shoulder, talk to us at Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic about treatments and exercises you can do to maintain the range of motion in your shoulder joint.

It’s unusual for frozen shoulder to recur in the same shoulder, but some people can develop it in the opposite shoulder.

Frozen shoulder typically develops slowly, and in three stages. Each stage can last for months.

  • Freezing stage. Any movement of your shoulder causes pain, and your shoulder’s range of motion starts to become limited.
  • Frozen stage. Pain may begin to diminish during this stage. However, your shoulder becomes stiffer, and using it becomes more difficult.
  • Thawing stage. The range of motion in your shoulder begins to improve.

For some people, the pain worsens at night, sometimes disrupting sleep.

Treatment Of Capsulitis ( Frozen Shoulders)

Firstly, try to do some shoulder rotating exercises at home. Repeat this for a count of 10 seconds at interval

Secondly, apply heat using hot water bottle on the painful shoulder. Repeat the action morning and evening.

Thirdly, if the pain persists, visit us for solution at Effective physiotherapy Clinic for assessment and treatment.

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