Where Can I Get Physiotherapists?

Where can I get physiotherapists?

At Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic  you will get qualified physiotherapists to attend to you. It is a healthcare center that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent diseases and disability by using physical means. Moreover, we don’t use drugs in our treatment. However, you will have opportunity to meet with experienced and able physiotherapists. Because we use proven techniques to help restore movement and functions to anyone affected by disability, dysfunction, pain or other health conditions that is why we are called Effective Physiotherapy Clinic.

In addition, we handle different cases of pains. It can be in the back, neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knees etc. We are proficient in handling young or old, male or female.

Some other cases we handle also include;


Body Paralysis,


Spinal cord injury,

Cerebral and Erb’s palsy,

General joint pain



Over the years, we are very effective and efficient in delivering physiotherapy services. We do this to our clients and patients in our clinic, in the comfort of their homes, hotels and offices. As a matter of fact, we do not restrict our services to people who are sick only but also extend it to any one who has been going through stress due to work, travelling or fatigue

In addition, the use of pain killers or drugs should be with caution. If at all it’s needed it should be done especially under a strict supervision of medical doctors. However, you should limit the taking of drugs to relieve pains as much as possible. Rather you can engage physiotherapy services to knock off pains from your body with the use of physical means.

Do you have a target and a deadline? Do you need quick and efficient service delivery with excellent recovery speed? Choose Effective Physiotherapists & Fitness Clinic. Call and contact us today for a topnotch service.

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