Why would I need A Physiotherapy for back pain?

Why would I need physiotherapy for back pain?

If you have back pain that’s causing you significant problems or doesn’t seem to be improving after a few weeks, consider meeting a physiotherapist fast. Physiotherapy can be helpful for various types of back pain. It may help with the following.

  • Non-specific lower back pain – this is back pain where no specific cause (such as an underlying medical condition or injury) has been identified.
  • Sciatic pain – this is pain that spreads from your back down your legs; it may be caused by a prolapsed disc. A prolapsed disc is when a disc in your spine bulges out of its normal shape and presses on a nerve.
  • Back pain caused by ageing of the discs in your spine (degenerative disc disease).
  • Spinal stenosis – this is when the space around your spinal cord narrows, putting pressure on your spinal cord.

What will happen when I see a physiotherapist?

When you first see a physiotherapist, they’ll take a detailed medical history. They’ll ask you questions about any medical conditions you have, your lifestyle and any medications you take. They’ll also want to know what symptoms you’ve been experiencing, and what tends to trigger them. Next, they’ll do a detailed physical examination, including looking at how you move and how your back is functioning. They may also do a neurological assessment to see how well your nerves are functioning. You may need to remove some of your outer clothes when you go for physiotherapy, so that your physiotherapist can see and feel your back. You can ask to have a chaperone if you’d prefer to have one with you. https://effectivephysio.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3285&action=edit

Your physiotherapist will explain what treatment they recommend, and how they expect this might help your back pain. They should also warn you about any potential risks of the treatment if there is any.

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