7 Arthritis Tips for Winter

7 Arthritis Tips for Winter

Noticeable joint changes for individuals with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are found to be prevalent during winter or cold seasons or weather. Studies show that lower temperatures, precipitation (rain, dew etc.) and decreased barometric pressure are correlated with increased joint pain.

If winter weather has your joints distressed, try these tips for relief during the cold months! We call it 7 arthritis tips for winter weather

  1. Start your day with heat! Use a heating pad, heated blanket, warm bath, or warm shower to increase your joints’ mobility and decrease your pain before you go about your daily activities.
  2. Avoid prolonged gripping – such as with carrying heavy holiday, gift bags buckets of water etc.!
  3. Keep moving, but keep it pain-free. Engage yourself in some low-impact exercise during the winter months. You can try walking around in your street riding a stationary bike at a comfortable speed, or swimming in a warm, indoor pool. If exercise causes pain, you can lessen the intensity of your activity.
  4. Dress appropriately. Layer your clothing when going outdoors. Make sure to cover all arthritis-prone joints (knees, fingers). Wear gloves or mittens!
  5. Ask for help with bring frozen food items from the freezer, scrubbing your toilet bowl, wall and floor. These activities are tough on joints, and can be more painful in the cold weather months.
  6. Get arthritic gloves. These provide compression and warmth to aching hands. Chemically activated hot packs for your hands can be helpful too. Just make sure not to expose your skin directly to hot packs.
  7. Prevent falls. Wear appropriate footwear with traction, and keep an eye out for slick surfaces that could cause you to fall and injure yourself.

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