What is Body Servicing Therapy ?

It is a form of specialized holistic treatment given to the body to enhance its ability to function better and last longer without breaking down. It is a unique package crafted for proper rejuvenation of the body.

First of its kind, started by the MDCEO of Effective Physiotherapy $ Fitness Clinic, Dr. Felix Babawemimo, in Abuja in 2015. This type of treatment does not require taking of drugs or injections. It is a physical treatment given to the entire body to get rid of tension, pains ( Neck pain, lower and upper back pain, knee pain etc.). stiffness, stress, cramps, among others. 

Body Servicing Therapy is also a preventive measure against any kind of complications that may arise against your body later in the future. It prevents stroke or paralysis, makess you feel stronger and younger.

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Body serving Therapy

Clients who have experienced Body Servicing Therapy with Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic have spoken highly of the treatment because of the rapid increase in their quality of life.

The reasons why you may need Body Servicing Therapy include the following;

  • When you are excessively stress out
  • When you frequently travel
  • When you are under tension to meet a deadline
  • When you experience consistent pain
  • When you have difficulty in sleeping
  • When you experience back and neck ache
  • When you lack mental concentration
  • When there is tension in your muscles
  • When you desire to maintain or improve on your present state of wellness or fitness.


In addition, reasons why you would need BST include the following;

  • To have a pain and tension free body
  • To develop healthy joint void of arthritis as you age
  • To renew your strength for the next assignment
  • To enhance your productivity
  • To prevent and cure joint wear out
  • To restore a refreshing sleep pattern

At Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic, our specialist employ different techniques and exercises to improve functional mobility related to walking. This can ensure that you are able to get around safely and may lower your risk of falling.

Visit us at Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic at this address No 2 D Close, Ajumgobia Street, Kado Estate, Abuja or call +234 811 885 6060,

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