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Most cases of neck pain are due to muscle strains or ligament strains, which are small tears in the soft tissues that help support the cervical spine. Fortunately, these injuries tend to heal on their own within a week or so. But in the meantime, they can be painful. There are some basic home remedy for neck pain.

If your neck hurts, here are some basic home remedies to find some relief.

Basic Remedies For Painful Necks

Apply ice or heat. Either ice or heat can be applied to the neck for pain relief, depending on your preference. Ice tends to be good at stopping the injury’s initial inflammation and numbing pain. Heat tends to be good at relaxing muscles and helping nutrient-rich blood flow into the area to promote healing. Just be careful to limit applications to 20 minutes or less at a time and regularly check the skin to avoid tissue damage. Heat packs and ice packs are readily available at the store, or you can make them from common items at home, such as using a frozen bag of peas or pouring rice or oatmeal into a sock that can be microwaved.

Go easy for a day or two. When neck pain flares up, the body is letting you know something is wrong. If muscles, tendons, or ligaments have been overextended or overused, it makes sense to give them a rest. Limit or avoid neck movements that exacerbate the pain. However, after an initial rest period, try to get back to normal activity levels if possible. Too much rest can cause muscles to weaken and tighten, which can lead to more pain.

Gentle stretching or massage. If tolerated, try slowly stretching your neck to one side, and then the other. If you feel increased pain, you’re pushing too far. Some gentle stretching can help reduce tightness in the neck as you recover. You can also give your neck a light massage, or have a partner or willing friend do so. As long as the massage doesn’t increase pain, it can help relax muscles and improve blood flow.

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