Facts About Physiotherapy
Facts About Physiotherapy

Most importantly, there are important facts about physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treats huge variety of conditions. It is a healthcare profession. In addition, it treats and works on disabilities using physical methods. Because physiotherapists are qualified medical practitioners, they certainly help people to get much better and maintain sound health.

Facts About Physiotherapy

Facts refer to the truth that we know or what we can prove to be true Hence what are some truth to know about physiotherapy?

First Fact : Physiotherapy is the same as Physical Therapy.

Sometimes, people think these terms mean different things. However, they actually refer to the same thing. Sure, it describes physical treatment without drugs. It improves mobility. Similarly, function is enhanced and in general, the overall quality of patients’ life soars high.

Second Fact : Physiotherapy result require home work.

Just as you need home work in school to get good marks, exercises, based on strength assigned by physiotherapists is considered to be home work in treatment. Definitely, its completion has significant impacts on results.

Third Fact : Physiotherapy can treat Vertigo

Dizziness is the most common symptom of vertigo. Vertigo means the feeling of movement or spinning around. However, this can affect ones overall balance.

Scientifically, physiotherapy has proven to be the best cure for vertigo. You can get treatment for this condition at Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic, No 2, D Ajumgobia Close, Kado Estate, Abuja.

Fourth Fact : This Type of Treatment was Introduced Thousands of Years Ago

It is believed that a Greek Physician – Hyppocrates used hydrotherapy (water therapy) to treat patients in 460 BC, he invented this commonly used method. Therefore this is still in practice in today’s physiotherapy.

Fifth Fact : Physiotherapists Offers Psychological Services

Most times, patients and some physiotherapists usually overlook this aspect. But in addition to treatment, Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic provides psychosocial and special therapy.

Sixth Fact : You Can Use Physiotherapy to Relieve Chronic Back Pain and Helps Athletes

Pains results from poor sitting postures. Injuries and arthritis can be managed. Weight management and muscle strengthening approaches which physiotherapists coordinate can alleviate back and other chronic pains.

Every major sports team has a physiotherapist on ground to help boost stamina and endurance in athletes. Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness clinic has consulting experience with with ‘Team Nigeria’. Through our treatment, we guarantee your improved sporting skills and stamina that you will need to outwit competition.

Seventh Fact : Physical Therapy Eliminates The need for Surgery

Similarly, a lot of people who suffer from knee, joint or spine pains resort to physiotherapy as a significant part of pre- and post-surgery recovery programme. However, physical therapy can prevent one from having the need to go for expensive surgery.

Eight Fact : Physiotherapy is Prevents and Manages Obesity

‘Movement and exercise’ are the guiding principle in physiotherapy as a practice. Physiotherapists can manage obese conditions.

Nineth Fact : Physiotherapy is Drug-Free

Treatment offer patients exercised-based drug-free options. That is to say, physiotherapy is a viable complement.

Tenth Fact: Physiotherapists are Health Care Givers

Together with other health care professionals such as surgeons, general medical practitioners etc. they help people get better.

Eleventh Fact : Physiotherapists can help improve your general body functional performance. This involve social, physical, mental and emotional well being.

Twelveth Fact: The Extra

In conclusion, Physiotherapists go beyond people with ailing medical conditions. They take care of people who don’t even have any health challenges as a preventive measure against future illnesses. Therefore, do you have interest in maintaining or improving your current state of wellness and fitness? Do you intend to know more about how physiotherapy can benefit you personally?

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