TREATMENT OF FOOT DROP: Foot drop also known as drop foot is not a disease, but rather a commonly encountered symptom of a neurological, anatomical, or muscular problem. IIt is the inability to lift the forefoot due to the weakness of dorsiflexors of the foot.

However, sometimes referred to as step page gait, which is a tendency of a person walking with an exaggerated flexion of the hip and knee to prevent the toes from scraping on the ground during swing phase. Foot drop can therefore hinder walking and increase the risk of tripping and falling.

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                                                                  CAUSES OF FOOT DROP

·    Sports injuries

·    A slipped disc in the spine

·    Crossing your legs, kneeling or squatting for long periods of time.

·    Problems with your nerves (peripheral neuropathy) caused by diabetes.

·    Hip or knee replacement surgery.

 In addition, not moving for a very long time (for example, if one has been on admissiion for a long time in the hospital)


·    Dragging or scraping toes on the ground when you walk.

·    Loss of sensation on the top of your foot.

·    Curled toes.

·    Numbness in your lower leg.

·    Feeling weak in your leg, ankle, or foot.

                                               PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT OF FOOT DROP

There are different ways foot drop can be treated using the various means and methods in physiotherapy. these include;

·    Splinting

·    Electrical stimulation

·    Exercises:

1.   Towel stretch

2.   Toe to heel rocks

3.   Marble pickup

4.   Ankle dorsiflexion

5.   Plantar flexion

At Effective Physiotherapy and Fitness Clinic, our specialist employ different techniques and exercises to improve functional mobility related to walking. This can ensure that you are able to get around safely and may lower your risk of falling.

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