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Why Joints May Hurt In Cold Weather

Joints Pain In Cold Weather: Some have noticed that their bones ache in cold weather. You would be wondering right now: “how joints would hurt when it’s cold”. Scientists have done studies on joint pain and weather over the years, but so far, none can say for sure what the connection is. Still, there are a few theories about the relationship. One, is that people with joint pain, especially arthritis, may be sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. It could be that when the cartilage that cushions the bones inside a joint is worn away, nerves in the exposed bones might pick up on changes in pressure. Many physiotherapists have also observed that more people feel joint pains on rainy days. So what exactly is responsible for this? Why would joints hurt in cold wether ? or why do I feel pains in my joint in cold weather ?

The cause of pain isn’t well established. However, it’s obvious that arthritis respond to changes in atmospheric pressure As soon as your body detects this change, it makes your soft tissues swell up. As a result, fluid in the joints expands. Unfortunately, the expansion and contraction that takes place around the joints can irritate your nerves and cause pain.

Joints ain may also occur because worn-out cartilage in the joints allows exposed nerves to respond to changes in pressure. Another reason for increased arthritic pain could be because the change in atmospheric pressure causes your tendons, muscles, and scar tissue to contract and expand. Consequently, this creates pain in joints with arthritis. Reduced temperatures may also cause the fluid in the joints to thicken and feel stiff.

One may also feel greater pain when the weather doesn’t allow you to move around the way you usually do. The truth is that you’ll spend more time indoors and restrict your movement when it’s rainy or cold outside. This can make your inactive joints become stiff and ache more.

How to Reduce Weather-Induced Joint Pain

It’s not necessary for you to move to a tropical climate to avoid this kind of pain. Use these ideas to get relief from weather-induced joint pain:

  • Keep yourself warm: When the external temperature drops, take a warm shower to stay warm. Wear warm socks and gloves. Dress in layers in the daytime and increase the heat in your home at night or sleep with an electric blanket.
  • Stay active: Use exercises which put less pressure on the joints, to build up muscle strength.
  • Begin exercise gradually: When you want to exercise or jog outdoors, start with stretches that will warm up your muscles first.
  • Stay hydrated: When you’re dehydrated, your sensitivity to pain increases.
  • Don’t strain your joints if you don’t have to. Let someone else lift those heavy boxes.

If you expect aches and pains due to pending weather, be proactive. Talk to us.

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