Treatment of Joint Pain During Rainy Season

Joint Pain During Rainy Season

Does Rainy Season Aggravates Joint Pain ? We are really in the months of rain. During rainy season the weather is cold, atmospheric temperature reduces, relative humidity becomes high. The question is Does Rainy Season Aggravates Joint Pain? The surprising answer is actually NO!

While cold weather doesn’t cause arthritis or other joint pains, conditions may get worse when temperature drops. This in turn can cause problems for people who have them. 

Medical science doesn’t recognise that cold weather increase joint problems .However, it is very common for patients with back pains, knee pains or other joint pain to complain that their pains aggravates in cold weather. Cold weather should not make your joints ache unless they are abnormal in a way.

There are patients who complain that their knee aches or that they are extra stiff because of the damp weather. or that at a particular time of the year they often have pains in certain parts of their body. However, a 2016 study seems to dispute this common complaint. In the study, 350 patients with knee osteoarthritis were followed for 3 months. They log in their pain levels on the study’s website on a daily basis as the researchers attempted to find a link between flare-ups and relative humidity, air pressure, temperature, and rain.

In summary, this study did not find that changes in weather are risk factors in knee osteoarthritis symptoms. It is still possible that some patients feel worse in certain weather but not all.

In Conclusion, changes in weather condition may not neccesarilly increase pains one feels in the joints during cold weather compare with dry season.

If you usually have pains at certain seasons of the year especially the rainy season you must not ignore good and effective physiotherapy. Good physiotherapy care is a preferred panacea to physical pain during this season. Regular sessions of physiotherapy care will bring comfort and relieve to victims of such challenges.  With an effective physiotherapist the pains will drastically reduce or completely knocked off within few sessions

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